Indian Pow Wow

When I hear the drums…
I close my eyes
And my mind takes me back
To a place and time long ago
Where I know my soul has lived before
And longs to return again.
A place where all of Creation
Was in harmony and balance.
Where Mother Earth and all her creatures
And Life itself
Was respected
And thought of as sacred.
Where songs were sang and people danced
In celebration and in thanks.
And honor was given to the Great Spirit
For all of the beauty and abundance
And the endless bountiful gifts that had been given.

When I hear the drums…
I am at peace with all the Universe.
My heart beats to the rhythm.
My body is calmed.
My mind becomes quiet.
And my spirit is soothed and comforted.
I feel connected to Mother Earth
And to every living creature.
And I want to dance
With the spirits
Like the Ancestors
In celebration and in thanks
And in honor of
The Great Spirit.
Because my soul feels like it has
Returned home.
When I hear the drums…

©1994 :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

 From the Book, “Whispering Spirits of the Soul”