37361946_mSeptember 11, 2001. Blue Skies in New York City.
Someone knew the morning air, would bring darkness and pity.
They knew the planes were on the way, their destinations, fated…
WHO really knew Americans were so targeted and hated?

Yet one by one, each plane (?) did crash. Two now had hit the Towers.
The World was getting ready to send condolences and flowers…
And then, two more (?) came crashing down, leaving most in shock.
Americans stood hopeless; watching…for someone had stopped our clock.

What can one do as buildings melt and fall from fiery blasts
With helpless people in them, who are doomed to breathe their last?
Many would hit their knees and pray for all that had been lost.
And some would never be the same. How much did that day cost?

We’ll all remember that fated day, throughout the coming years.
And many unanswered questions will be mixed with grief and tears.
How could these things have happened? When will the bloodshed end?
How many loved ones will be lost? How many of our friends?

Will Humankind ever awaken, from our deep, unconscious sleep?
When will we realize it’s time to stop making mothers weep?
For the loss of their sweet children, it happens every day.
Every time a life is taken, some mother’s heart will break…

Will we learn to heed the call after watching those Towers fall?
What medals have we truly earned since those jets have crashed and burned?
What Lessons are there yet to teach, to people living out of reach?
Out of touch, without a clue, of other people’s points of view?

There’s danger in not knowing Truth, ignorance; not bliss.
So to hide one’s head down in the sand will not take care of this.
Some people do not want to know, they feel they’ll be protected
As if remaining in denial somehow, will leave them unaffected.

But running for cover to their box, will not help them escape.
Until they face those fears inside, illusion won’t keep them safe.
No matter how tight they close the lid, the box can still be shattered.
Anytime and anyplace by Truth, their convenience will not matter…

So at what time will the madness end and sanity come back again?
Who has the answers that make sense, to those on ALL SIDES of the fence?
And who knows what the future holds, since the date of 9-11?
I wonder…how many lost that day guard the Gates of Heaven?

©2002 :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.