Bald Eagle Take-Off

On the edge of a mountain’s jagged cliff
The Majestic Bald Eagle quietly sits
In the midst of snow and rolling clouds
Encompassed in the peace she’s found.

From there she watches the vast life below
While animals run and big rivers flow.
Where long, grassy prairies wave in the Wind.
Where past Spirits reside and new life begins.

And she decides the Direction she wants to go.
And prepares to journey where the Four Winds blow.
And when she spreads her wings and looks to the Sky
The Eagle is then getting ready to fly.

Soaring high in the Heavens, so proud and so free
She glides with such smooth grace, so effortlessly.
And as she floats with the clouds in the Realms up Above
She’s close to the Creator and Grandfather Sun.

And she’s fulfilling her purpose and achieving her goals
While teaching others freedom, she’s transcending her soul.
And as the Creator watches from His painted Dusk Sky
He’s proud of His Eagle as He watches her fly.

And He’s proud of His people when they soar through their fears
Discover their purpose; facing all types of mirrors.
For that transcends them, like Eagle; guides their soul through the Flight
Of their Unabridged Journey that leads them to His Light.

So, decide the Direction you want to go.
And prepare to journey where the Four Winds blow.
And spread your wings
And look to the Sky
And just like the Eagle
Get ready to fly…

© 1994 :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

From the Book, “Whispering Spirits of the Soul”