When crime and violence fill the streets
And a plot is planned for the sure defeat
Of a specific Someone in some way
Remember that Somebody pays.

When Someone decides to do a wrong
By taking that which does belong
To Someone else, along the way
There will be Someone who will pay.

When Someone hurts, destroys, or kills
Somebody else against their will
In due time there will come a day
When Someone’s chosen who will pay.

When Someone commits that wrongful act
The Clock cannot be rewound back
To those haunting seconds of that fateful day
So left are the Victims who have to pay.

When Truth’s allowed to be covered up
And Lies prevail, the outcome does
Have direct effect on the lives of they
Who’ve been unjustly told that they have to pay.

Before Someone’s sentenced for the crime
Make sure the Truth is told in time.
Not Lies that cover the Crime Scene’s Day
Or the innocent will have to pay.

Just like the man who sits in jail
Because the Justice System failed
To honor Truth and wrongly say,
“An innocent man has got to pay.”

Leonard, I hope there soon will be
A place in time where you’ll be free
‘Cause you’re one of the Victims of That Day.
For Someone else, you’ve had to pay.

You’ve paid for something that you didn’t do
Many people know this and are praying for you
And we anxiously wait for That Sacred Day
When the Cage is finally opened and the Eagle flies away…

©1994 :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

 From the Book, “Whispering Spirits of the Soul”