Adults built the wall
To divide and separate.
Children climb over.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

In all actuality, “The Wall” is simply a metaphor that represents a wide variety of things including Mindsets, Belief Systems, Boxes, Cages; anything that human beings can get caught up in; trapped in; imprisoned in; wrapped up in; entangled within; talked into; anything or anyone that can be bought off; paid off, etc.

Some of the “Bricks” used to build the wall(s) are slavery, poverty, theft, indoctrination, propaganda, manipulation, subjugation, war, tyranny, coercion, domination, force, and control and one of the greatest “Tools” used in the building of the wall(s) is the Corporate Media. When 6 Corporations control 90% of the Media, what does that tell you? Is it any wonder so many of the people are so easily manipulated and controlled? More “walls” are being built with every so-called breaking news story. (Notice the word “story”…)

The fact of the matter is, everything is energy and what is held within the mind will be created. Whatever belief system we choose to buy into will become our reality, which if we are not very careful, can place us into very small tiny boxes with very tight lids and therein lies the danger because often times, those tiny boxes that entrap and encompass us are not even our own original thoughts!

When people are kept in continual fear, continual survival mode, continual struggle, or in continual “crisis” mode, they are much easier to control and manipulate and there are those who literally feed off of the energy of fear and continuously create fear and promote fear.

The big secret out there that some don’t want others to know is, there are two primary emotions, love and fear and all other emotions stem from them. We create our own realities from whatever energy we are in. If we are in the energy of love, we create from there and if we are in the energy of fear, we create from there as well. It isn’t very difficult to figure out why some would prefer humanity to remain in the energy of fear and survival mode. After all, can you envision the all of humanity in there own personal power, instead of giving all of their power and their away continually? Life would change instantly upon this Planet for all of us, if that were to happen!

The good thing is, humanity as a whole is awakening to what’s been going on and there are many adults who are joining the wise children and are choosing to climb over the wall(s) as well, while there are still others who are yet pondering the notion of doing so. There are also some who are far too afraid of climbing over any wall(s). However, there are also those who will not even allow themselves to even dream, let alone think of doing such a thing and to me, that’s the saddest scenario of all.

To be so deeply ingrained and hunkered down within a box so tight that one cannot even allow themselves to think of any other possibilities, is very sad indeed! It’s one thing to consider the possibility of climbing over walls, even if one may be afraid to actually do so. However, it’s an entirely different thing to be totally surrounded by and imprisoned within the walls of a tight little box that one cannot see anything else at all.

However, it’s all about choice and everyone gets to choose.

Bless all of the children who have not yet been immersed in those things that contribute to the building of the wall(s) and bless all of those who protect them from becoming immersed.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.