A tired little child
Trudges down an old dirt road
Amongst thousands of people
Who are miles away from home.

A hungry little child
Who hasn’t had enough to eat.
Feels her bloated stomach
As she stumbles on her feet.

A frightened little child
Feels tears come from her eyes.
As she sees the bombs and bullets
Travel through the Sky.

A lonely little child
Searches everything she sees.
Looking for her family
Wondering where they could be.

A horrified little child
Screams out a painful sound.
As she sees the many people
Who lay dead upon the ground.

A homesick little child
Is confused and so alone.
Why was she forced to come here
And leave her only home?

A crying little child
Is grabbed by the enemy
And thrown into an open ditch
What could this ditch be?

A tattered little child
Stands in a torn up dress
Hoping for something to drink.
As the Sun sets in the West.

A wondering little child
Sees and wonders why
A soldier points his gun at her
So she begins to cry.

A silent little child
Who is alive no more.
Has had her life taken away
By a deadly thing called War.

©1994 :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

 From the Book, “Whispering Spirits of the Soul”