Peaceful Valleys
Raging Streams
Mighty Mountains
Rainbow beams.

Sunsets on fire
Fields of Flowers
Soft Green Pastures
Warm Spring Showers.

Open Prairies.
Giant Trees
Golden Sunshine
Deep Blue Seas.

Starry Evenings
Fluffy Clouds
Foggy nights
Snow-covered Ground.

Silent Caverns
Songbirds singing
Buffalo Herds
Vines clinging.

Wild Stallions
Tall Grass waves
Dolphins swimming
Hidden caves.

Wolves howling
Eagles soaring
Otters playing
Lions roaring.

Arctic Refuge
Rocky Shores
Ancient Forests
Ocean’s Floor.

Grains of Harvest
Air we breathe
Crystal Waters
Spiders weave.

Vast wide Plains
Rolling Hills
Winter’s Chill.

Desert Sand
Places yet untouched
By man.

Lilac Perfume
In Misty Breeze
Morning Dew
On Autumn Leaves

Secret Canyons
Sacred Land
Mother Earth
Divine Plan.

But something happened.
Something changed.
Nature somehow

Polluted Waters
Deceit and Lies
Tortured Mother
Left to die.

Treeless Forests
Cause me to quiver
No Tigers left?
That makes me shiver.

Mass extinction
Where’s the Bees?
Garbage Dumped
Into the Seas.

Bears wonder
Where to go?
The homes they had
Exist no more.

Jungles burn
Elephants plead
Mother Earth screams
As she bleeds.

Nuclear waste
Oil spills
But there’s still more places
Left to drill!

Mining; fracking
Constant wars
Toxic Skies
Genetic Corn.

Poison Food
Violent actions
Angry moods.


Blood-soaked money
Species dead
Babies dying
But no regret!

Carnage here
Casualties there
Human greed
Found everywhere.

Does anyone know
The Magic Potion
For radiation
Poured in the Ocean?

All the Creatures
Great and Small
Are looking on
In great appall.

So Mother Earth
Cries out in pain
To the Divine
And not in vain!

Dark Skies appear
With Rolling Thunder.
Is SOMEONE Speaking?
Ever wonder?

Lightning flashes
Heavy Rains
Humanity crashes.
Winds have changed…

Volcanoes blowing
Earth Quakes
Tornadoes siege
Angry Lakes.

Rising Rivers
Man now thinks
Nature’s insane!

Is it funny
How Karma’s Wheel
Can turn so quick
How does it feel?

Better watch
That Darkening Sky
For SOMEONE hears
Her desperate cries.

Those Dark Skies bring
Rolling Thunder…
WHO Is Speaking?
Do you still wonder?

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.