The Endless Journey Home

Out of all the Roads upon this entire Planet, the most important one is the Road you're on right now, at this very moment… Words are Key; a Road Map; that leads out of bondage; showing where one has been, where one is, and where one is going. Pay attention to words… ***All Haiku, Poetry, and Stories Copyrighted by Susan Kay Hanzlik***

Subtle Persuasion

47522542_sOff the Beaten Path
The Country Road lured me on
I couldn’t resist…

~Susan Kay Hanzlik


64166858 - the blind leading the blind . stock vector illustration

Her father told her
“Beware of those you follow.
There are many Cliffs…”

~Susan Kay Hanzlik

Advance Notice

43091062 - a sad senior woman with a wood background

For years, she told him
“One of these days, I will leave.”
Today was the day…

~Susan Kay Hanzlik

Helpful Hunches

84080705_sSomething said to him
“Don’t go along for the ride.”
He’s glad he listened…

~Susan Kay Hanzlik


40186672 - little man with a question mark above head

The boy asked his dad
“Is thinking you’re right better
Than Knowing the Truth?”

~Susan Kay Hanzlik

The Trade-off

15390654_sAlthough his Wallet
May be empty, at least his
Conscience is now clear.

~Susan Kay Hanzlik

Was it Worth it?

97204836 - ashamed hispanic person wearing suit

On his Big Payday
who paid the cost for his
“Success” came to Mind…

~Susan Kay Hanzlik

Crossed Wires

67330989 - close view of confusing crossed power lines.She assumed he knew.
He assumed she didn’t know.
Both assumed in error.

~Susan Kay Hanzlik

The Gambler

55823110 - great things never came from comfort zones sign with sea background

He took a real risk.
Laid it all on the line when
He walked through his fears.

~Susan Kay Hanzlik

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