The Endless Journey Home

Out of all the Roads upon this entire Planet, the most important one is the Road you're on right now, at this very moment… Words are Key; a Road Map; that leads out of bondage; showing where one has been, where one is, and where one is going. Pay attention to words… ***All Haiku, Poetry, and Stories Copyrighted By :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.




There’s an old saying
Getting mentioned more these days,
“Follow the Money.”

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


As “Negatives” are
Exposed to Light, clear pictures
Of the Truth emerge…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


As the cold North Wind
Howled through Trees and Falling Snow
The Fire crackled.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


Bare feet on warm Sand.
Sunlight dancing on the Waves
In the Salty Breeze.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


If Free Will is real
Then why are so many forced
To go against theirs?

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


Mama and Daddy,
I realize just how much   
I still do not know…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

The Messengers

When the Butterflies
Gathered next to him, he knew
His wife had sent them.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


The Young Student asked,
“Does the Creator also  
Get to have Free Will?”

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


As he attempted
To convince her with words, his
Eyes said otherwise.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


On her Darkest Night
The Moon knocked on the Window  
Bringing her some Light.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

Career Change

The biggest mistake
She was told she ever made
Proved to be untrue.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

Alternate Realities

The Cardboard Box she
Sleeps in, does not deter where
She lives in her Dreams.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


He suddenly knew
After all these years, his Dad
Did not lie to him.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


Instead of crying
By herself alone, she wept
Outside with the Rain.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

Detail Questions

How much does it cost
To pay Attention and how
Is Attention paid?

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

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