The Endless Journey Home

Out of all the Roads upon this entire Planet, the most important one is the Road you're on right now, at this very moment… Words are Key; a Road Map; that leads out of bondage; showing where one has been, where one is, and where one is going. Pay attention to words… ***All Haiku, Poetry, and Stories Copyrighted By :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.




64145636 - abandoned dog in the middle of the road / high contrast image

What happens to the
Spirits of those abandoned
By those they trust most???

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

The Disguise


His job let him go.
Fear fills his heart so he can’t
Feel his brand new wings…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


70625817 - time concept alarm hourglass on the asphalt street

Time will move forward
Even when there is no Clock
Ticking on the Wall…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

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