The Endless Journey Home

Out of all the Roads upon this entire Planet, the most important one is the Road you're on right now, at this very moment… Words are Key; a Road Map; that leads out of bondage; showing where one has been, where one is, and where one is going. Pay attention to words… ***All Haiku, Poetry, and Stories Copyrighted By :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


He ignored the Sign.
Had to find out for himself
What Road he was on…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


The Clock is ticking.
We all get to choose a Door.
Which one will it be?

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


Inside, looking out
Watching outside, looking in
 Conscious reflections…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

Everyone’s watching
The strategy of a man
Who will change the World…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

What’s the Answer???

The little boy asked,
“Daddy, is cheating okay
To help our Team win?”

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

A Question From Conscience

In the Old School Days
The Rule was, Play the Game Fair.
When did the Rule change?

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

Double Standards

11966319 - glass with ice and a liquor bottle ready to be poured.

He told her that she
Had to quit Drinking as he
Lit another Smoke…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.


22469353 - boomerang is coming back

Whatever we toss
Out into the Universe
Will come back to us…

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

Time Travel

20717932 - record player close-upThe moment I heard
That old Record play, I was
Back at Grandma’s House.

:Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

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