While standing outside in the bright Full Moon’s Light
I gazed at the Sky and admired the sight.
Of that big Moon who stood silent, so quiet and still
Her breathtaking beauty gave my heart a chill.

As I watched mesmerized at the vision so bold
My mind wandered to a place that is home
To the Wilderness Creatures who live wild and free
In the Mountains and Forests and the Open Prairies.

And my thoughts took me to a place I could see
The silhouette of a Gray Wolf on a Hill by a Tree
And I watched as he sat there ‘neath the shining Moonlight
With his nose to the Sky, howling into the Night.

His lonesome voice echoed through the Wind and the Trees
And his haunting song seeped to the soul within me.
As I watched him in awe, engulfed in the sound
The Great Spirit’s Presence was felt within and around.

The Moon was his possession; he had made her his own
She was part of his being; part of his soul.
And my body felt peaceful and my spirit was soothed.
I could have stayed there forever with the Wolf and his Moon.

And I could still hear him calling as I slowly came back
From that place I was taken near the Wolf and his pack.
Now every time I look at her, I hear that same tune.
His voice calls out to me, when I see the Wolf’s Moon.

©1994 :Susan-kay :Hanzlik.

 From the Book, “Whispering Spirits of the Soul”